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Protecting Connectors and Adapters

Your fiber optic connectors must be protected in such a way as to keep them from being contaminated or damaged, either in storage or between use. Generally, the connector should always be capped when removed from circuit or adapter. This ensures that the connector will not be contaminated or damaged (scratched, chipped, etc.) when placed or moved around on a work area. Soft and rigid caps and plugs for tips, body ends, and adapters are available. There may be advantages or disadvantages to using one over the others, but, again speaking in generalities, proper use and handling will make either protector equal in protection. It should be noted that connector protectors should never be used as a cleanliness protector, meaning that a connector can not be cleaned ahead of time and capped, and when ready just uncap and use. A connector should always be cleaned before use, even when capped clean. Caps should also be cleaned occasionally, since contaminants will accumulate inside the cap and can cause damage in capping and uncapping, besides the spreading of contaminants.

Connector and Adapter Protection

Protecting Fiber Optics