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Procedures for Cleaning Caps and Plugs

It is important to regularly clean caps and plugs when frequently re-used. Cleaning is done in a similar manner as cleaning connectors and adapters, except the extreme care is not necessary because scratches and damage to a protector cap or plug will not affect a system's performance. Oils, dirt, and dust must still be removed to avoid contamination and damage to the very same thing you are trying to protect. Cleaning also eliminates cross contamination when re-using protector caps and plugs on other connectors and adapters. Clean with alcohol, either by swab or spray. Blow dry with canned air or wipe dry with a lint-free swab or wipe. Cotton swabs are not recommended, as fibers will create a lint contamination. Ultrasonic cleaning in a bath of 99% alcohol, followed by wet swab cleaning and drying can also be done.
Fiber Optics Protection Procedures