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Specialty Products: Advantages and Disadvantages.

There are many specialty products available for fiber optics cleaning. Specialty would mean any product that is out of the norm of a standard wipe, alcohol, or air cleaner. Reel and card fabric cleaners are convenient. Highly evaporative solvents have been developed to clean and dry without residue. What are the product specifications? And do you need them? Some products carry no specifications with them and may add to the contamination. Some products add greatly to the cost of cleaning with little or no improvement in results. Specialty fabric cleaners must meet the same standards of purity as clean wipes. Specialty solvents must meet the same standards of purity as isopropyl alcohol and clean air dusters. Ask: Do you know the product specifications and limitations? Is there a measured advantage to using the product?
Remember: no specs means questionable cleaning.

Specialty Fiber Optics Cleaning Products