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CANNED AIR: Not all are equal!

There are many factors to know when choosing a clean air duster. You may purchase one of dozens of brands of dusters at different prices. Very few will have the specifications listed with them. But all are advertised as clean air and sold for applications ranging from auto care to electronics and computer keyboards to fiber optics and clean room use. Beware - not all are equal. Even some brands that are sold for fiber optic cleaning are not of a high enough quality to meet or exceed what is needed for high speed fiber optics. Some will leave an oily film or residue, while others will add to particle contamination. Shaking or inverting will cause the propellant to spray out with the air. An enviromentally friendly propellant is best. Choose the clean air duster wisely and test your choice before using it on a larger scale.

Best Air Duster: Oil free, propellant stable, particle filtered to 0.2 microns.